United Kingdom·January 15 - 16 2022

Deep Fear Caving

An underground adventure with Nick Carter



Loved the Wild Weekend, but looking for something even bigger? Because you did so well last time, I'd like to invite you onto an honest to goodness expedition, something really epic. A caving adventure way up in the north of England. This is our chance to travel much further, challenge ourselves even more, and have a real adventure together. Just like on my own Deep Fear caving adventure, we'll be journeying far underground and pushing ourselves to become (slightly) braver people. Don't worry though, we've got some brilliant experts on hand to teach us how it's done: members of the British cave rescue team. We'll learn how to climb down ropes, move through twisty, narrow passages, and most importantly, we'll learn (and practice) the secret to becoming slightly braver in everything we do, as a team. On this trip, we'll mix epic adventure and bravery challenges with fun and comfort. After a big day of cave exploration, we'll head back to a cosy, heated bunkhouse for some good food (pizza party, anyone?) and warm beds. Who's up for going on a real expedition?


On this amazing adventure, Nick will be joined by some really inspirational and educational friends. The expedition team is comprised of school teachers from the Adventure Society who have more than 15 year's experience putting on adventure activities for children across the UK and abroad. All leaders are DBS checked and trained in physical and mental first aid.



Ross is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a highly qualified and experienced teacher who is passionate about getting children out of the classroom and into the natural environment. With experience of leading soldiers at home and overseas in the Army Reserve, international sustainable development expeditions to Tanzania and numerous hiking and skiing adventures.




We are very lucky to have Iain leading our underground adventure. Iain specialises in working in the challenging extremes of caves and mines. He has been the lead instructor, senior instructor, technical advisor and specialist for a number of outdoor centres, and has taught many of the UK's top caving experts. Iain is an active member of the UK cave rescue team, and a few of his friends will even be joining us on this mission!

British Cave Rescue Team



As a fully qualified PE and games teacher, Ellen is happiest when off in the great outdoors. Born and raised in Norfolk, she has great experience in kayaking, sailing, skiing and white-water canoeing. Ellen has taught in "barefoot learning" schools in India, where the school day would often involve a 10km hike to the nearest waterfall so that the children could explore the natural world around them.

BA (Hons.) PGCE






Meet at Parson's Green

We'll be meeting at Parson's Green (the actual green, not the station) at 08:50 am.


Travel to Peak District

We'll travel up to the Peak District National Park in the north of the UK by coach. We'll stop a few times for bathroom and food breaks, and have lots of activities to do on the bus. Our base will be Castleton village.


Cave Training

We'll spend the afternoon of the first day learning from the experts: abseiling, weaseling (above ground cave practice) and climbing with the cave rescue team.


Bunk House and Pizza Party

After a tiring day learning how to climb, cave and overcome fears, it's off to our bunkhouse at Pindale Farm for some comfort and food. A good night's sleep is required for tomorrow's adventure!


Caving Adventure

Off to Giant's hole, or another amazing cave system in the Peak District, to put our newfound skills and bravery to the test. Amazing adventures are guaranteed for anyone who takes on the challenge.


Return Home by Coach

Back home by coach. Returning around 5pm, but updates will be given through the WhatsApp group as normal. A slightly braver team returns to Parson's Green.

What's Included

What's Included

All caving equipment (including overalls)

Travel, accommodation, food and drink

Inspirational leaders

Caving experts and instructors

Insurance and risk assessments

Personal clothing (incl. suitable footwear)

Personal snacks

Sleeping bag and pillow


Deep Fear Adventure

Deep Fear Adventure

Deeper, Braver, Cooler







Children in years 4,5 and 6 are perfect for this adventure.

Don't worry! We'll be aiming to push everyone slightly out of their comfort zone, but we won't be doing anything crazy. If you want to push yourself with small spaces we can do that, if you'd prefer to stay in bigger caverns, that's no problem. Promise. 

Hopefully, you'll still have our WhatsApp details from the Wild Weekend. If you do, just ping us a message any time. If not, just email basecamp@adventuresociety.co.uk 

Deep Fear Caving

United Kingdom·January 15 - 16 2022·1 night