United Kingdom·March 25 - 31 2022

The Cairngorm Explorer

An epic hiking, wildlife-spotting and winter skills extravaganza in Scotland's stunning Cairngorm mountain range.



Spend five unforgettable days exploring the stunning Glen Morlich, nestled in the heart of the Cairngorm mountains. Hide from eagles, strut amongst stag and track the mysterious reindeer - yes, reindeer - in one of the Britain's last true wildernesses. Learn from rangers how to look after our wildlife and take part in unique conservation efforts. Learn to climb with instructors from the world famous Cairngorm Mountain Leader Centre. Explore the woods surrounding the mythical Green Loch before visiting a bothy that claims one of the best views in Scotland. Experience a night of wild-camping in the forest, searching for Scottish Wild Cats. Finally, return to Aviemore for a scenic steam train journey through the heart of the Highlands before settling down on the Caledonian Sleeper for your journey home.

What's Included

What's Included

Wildlife spotting

100% money back incase of cancellation or postponement (Covid-19)

All catering, refreshment and snacks


Fireside talks with real adventurers

Inspirational leaders


Navigation skills

All travel, accommodation and activities

Reindeer herd visit

Ranger talks

Personal clothing

Travel to London Euston train station

Spending money


Cairngorm Explorer

Cairngorm Explorer



'Saskia has just said she’s been on her BEST trip EVER!'

Lizzie (London, UK)

'Deep thanks to Ross and Rod. So important to get our kids into nature.'

Kirsty (London, UK)

'I can't thank you enough for having the energy and vision to organise it'

Anna (London, UK)

'So proud of these young adventurers and grateful to their inspirational leaders!'

Melissa (London, UK)

'Such lucky children - The Adventure Society is such a great thing!'

Marina (London, UK)

'Rod and Ross. Heroic! Brilliant effect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!'

Ben (London, UK)

​'You and your team obviously gave him and his peers a great experience and I can tell that Barney has got a lot from it'

Jason (London, UK)

'Thank you so, so much for giving our lucky children this opportunity. Leo has absolutely loved it both times!'

Lara (London, UK)


Easily our most asked question! Your young adventurer will be partnered up with one or more boys/girls their age and will share either a 2/4 berth cabin, a 5-berth camping pod and a 2/3-person tent. Do feel free to email us asking that your child be paired with a particular friend but do acknowledge that this is not always logistically possible. 

Unlike our Highland Hike, this expedition only requires the children to carry their large bag over short distances. Your child will only carry a medium-sized daypack over longer distances. 

Your child will need full waterproofs (jacket and trousers). These will need to be 10,000 mm or above. If your items don't state their waterproof rating, the chances are that they're not waterproof!

Absolutely not. Waterproof hiking boots are essential on this trip, These absolutely must be worn in and comfortable prior to departure. Ideally, with a spare pair of trainers and a pair of sandals/flip-flops for round the campsite/beach/shower. 

It's true that the 'wee beasties' can be savage in the summer months and they'll doubtless make an appearance at some point on the trip. We recommend midge-head nets and either Smidge or Avon's Skin So Soft with Jojoba oil as a repellant stray. 

The Cairngorm Explorer

United Kingdom·March 25 - 31 2022·6 nights