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Run wild with Nick Carter



Over the last few years, I've been on some wild adventures: swimming the English Channel, running across the Sahara, journeying into the world's deepest caves, exploring the Amazon rainforest and climbing Mount Everest. My mission is to help young people experience kindness, bravery and resilience first-hand. I thought it was high time I 'show' children, rather than just 'tell' them, how adventures can change your life for the better: so I'm putting on a weekend of values-based adventures for children near London, with some of my coolest adventurer friends. There'll be amazing activities, brilliant people and fire-side adventure stories from inspirational personalities. Together we'll get children acting, thinking and behaving like real explorers. It's going to be really full-on and personal. Who's with me?


On this amazing adventure, Nick will be joined by some really inspirational and educational friends. The expedition team is comprised of school teachers from the Adventure Society who have more than 15 year's experience putting on adventure activities for children across the UK and abroad. All leaders are DBS checked and trained in physical and mental first aid.



As a fully qualified PE and games teacher, Ellen is happiest when off in the great outdoors. Born and raised in Norfolk, she has great experience in kayaking, sailing, skiing and white-water canoeing. Ellen has taught in "barefoot learning" schools in India, where the school day would often involve a 10km hike to the nearest waterfall so that the children could explore the natural world around them.

BA (Hons.) PGCE



Starting out as a Lawyer in Iran, Noushin set off on her bike one day to learn about the world. So far she has travelled more than 16,000 miles through the most far-flung corners of the globe. India, Nepal, Tibet, China, the Far East, New Zealand - Noushin has travelled them all. Now her passion is to teach children the lessons she has learned the hard way, and instil a love for life and learning. 

Inspirational Speaker



Ross is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a highly qualified and experienced teacher who is passionate about getting children out of the classroom and into the natural environment. With experience of leading soldiers at home and overseas in the Army Reserve, international sustainable development expeditions to Tanzania and numerous hiking and skiing adventures.







First Day - Coach Pickup (Parson's Green)

The team will meet in the middle of Parson's Green (the actual green, not the tube station) at 08:45, to catch a coach to our secret adventure site 1 hour outside of London.


First Day - Teamwork (Tag Archery)

Grab a bow and arrow and start hunting each other. It's not the hunger games, it's an intense team building exercise designed to show how teamwork can be the difference between success and failure. Don't worry, the arrows don't hurt.


First Day - Adventure Skills (Orienteering)

Every adventurer needs to know how to find their way around. We'll learn (from true experts) how you can use nature and technology to get where you need to go - then we'll put those skills to the test in a fast-paced team challenge.


First Day - Lunch (Expedition Food)

We'll eat the way real adventurer's do, using dehydrated expedition rations. Don't worry, we use a boutique ration pack company from Devon - the food is truly fantastic! Nutritional issues including nut or dairy allergies, vegan, etc. are no problem at all.


First Day - Adventure Skills (Foraging)

Learn how to find food from nature. Nuts, berries, roots, edible plants - we'll show you them all. If we keep very quiet we might also see wild deer, badgers and other animals on our huge nature estate.


First Day - Adventure Skills (Shelter Building)

Every adventurer needs to know how to survive in the wild. Depending upon the time of year we'll either sleep out under the stars in bivvies, teach shelter building, or use real expedition tents that the children erect themselves. There's also a heated hall in case of very bad weather.


First day - Fireside Adventure Talks

That night, after a great dinner, we roast marshmallows over an open bonfire, then sandwich them between chocolate biscuits to make s'mores. The only thing better than that? Inspirational adventurers tell us fireside adventure stories while we munch away. Yummy!


Second Day - Kindness (Kindness Exercises)

We really want to get the idea of kindness as a core adventure skill into the children's minds and hearts. We devote a whole section of the second day to showing how kindness and cooperation make big dreams happen. 


Second Day - Sustainability (Organic Farm Visit)

Meet, feed and care for the animals and plants at the on-site organic farm. Learn how sustainability and respect for nature is at the heart of what adventurers do. It's who we are. 


Second Day - Bravery (Climbing Challenge)

It's time to push ourselves a little bit and overcome some fears - as adventurers must. It's totally safe, but it might make you feel slightly nervous. All you have to do is make progress - go one step more than you thought you could.


Second Day - Coach Return (14:30pm)

After a debrief, prizes and a team chat, we'll head for home on our coach back to Parson's Green. We normally return around 14:30, but if there are any problems, we have a WhatsApp group that shares logistical updates and team pictures, as the weekend unfolds.

What's Included

What's Included

Climbing masterclass

Bushcraft Skills

Orienteering challenges

Campcraft skills

Wildlife & foraging skills

Fireside talks from real adventurers

Teambuilding challenges

Inspirational leaders

Travel, transfers & accommodation

All food, drinks & snacks

Sleeping equipment (tents, bags, mats, etc)

100% money back in case of cancellation or postponement (COVID-19)

Personal clothing

Travel to Parsons Green


Wild Weekend

Wild Weekend




If you'd like to ask any questions or are having any technical issues, just email us at nickcarter884@hotmail.com

No problem! Here is the welcome pack you will get when you sign up, it gives all the required kit. You'll probably have it all already. Click here

These adventures have been specially created by teachers for children aged 8 or older on the day of the event.

The idea of a wild weekend is to challenge and stretch young people so that they grow. Our staff are highly experienced in both physical/mental first aid as well as effective strategies to help children with anxiety and homesickness. Don't worry, we've got this! Have a great wild weekend of your own.

Once you're signed up you'll have the option to join the WhatsApp group for parents and guardians of children taking part. On this group, we'll keep you up to date with what we're doing, answer any questions you may have, and celebrate our achievements together.


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